< (RD) CHAMPIONSHIP Steelcity Rollers (Linz) vs. Fearless Bruisers (Innsbruck)
16.11.2017 21:58 Alter: 3 yrs
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(RD) Trainingsvisite beim Roller Derby Verein Fearless Bruisers in Innsbruck

TRSV Präsident Robert Petuschnigg besucht heute das Training.

Hi everybody,we're organizing a bout for the Österreichische Landesmeister_innenschaften 2017.

The participating teams are:
Steelcity Rollers (Linz) vs. Fearless Bruisers (Innsbruck)

WHEN: SUNDAY, 19. November (first whistle TBA, probably around 16:00)
WHERE: Innsbruck, Landessportcenter (Olympiastraße 10, 6020 Innsbruck - http://olympiaworld.comdesign.net/de/arenen/landessportcenter/)

If you have any questions or requests, please send an e-mail to:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fearlessbruisers/